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Interview with Jax and Darius

This character interview is with Jax and Darius, the two magic-takers from Androva that Shannon meets at the start of Stealing Magic. They’re both fourteen years old. The interview takes place two weeks before the beginning of the book.
(Jax has green eyes, Darius has blue eyes).

Me: Thank you for agreeing to do this interview.
Jax: (rolls eyes) Not like we had a choice, is it? Given that we’re your characters.
Darius: (looks embarrassed)
Me: (grins) OK, fair point. But if you’re my characters, how come you sometimes do and say things that I don’t expect you to?
Jax: I could tell you, but then I’d have to project a Distraction Spell so that you didn’t remember. Those are the rules. So why bother? (looks cheeky) Maybe I’ve told you already…
Me: You’re quite sure of yourself, aren’t you?
Jax: Obviously. I am the best underage magician on Androva.
Darius: (sniggers) Modesty being one of his more hidden qualities.
Jax: Modesty is for girls like you.
Darius: (pushing Jax on the shoulder) Remind me again why I’m friends with you?
Jax: (grinning) For my sense of humor, probably.
Me: (trying to get the interview back on track) Can you tell the readers something about yourselves? Like why they should read Stealing Magic, for example.
Jax: Stealing is a strong word. Is it really stealing? (turns to Darius)
Darius: It depends on whether you come from Androva or Terra, I suppose.
Me: Well, the readers will be from Terra.
Jax: (shrugs) I don’t think it’s stealing. It’s not as if anyone on Terra even knows it’s there. Perhaps if they knew…
Darius: (looking nervous) They can’t, Jax. We’ve talked about this before.
Jax: (avoiding Darius’s gaze) Yeah, I know.
Me: (changing the subject) Tell me a bit about Androva. Imagine you’re talking to someone who isn’t a magician.
Jax: Someone who isn’t a magician? You mean a Terran.
Me: Yes. At the moment, there are no magicians on Terra.
Jax: (raising eyebrows) At the moment? Interesting…
Darius: (shaking his head) Don’t get any ideas.
Jax: (innocent look) I wouldn’t!
Darius: (frowning) Yes, you would.
Me: Can we return to the question please? What’s it like on Androva?
Jax: We’re all magicians, and we don’t do much without using magic. It’s everywhere. Your head would probably find it hard to handle. If you ever went there for real, of course.
Darius: (covering face) Please don’t insult the person who is telling our story. I don’t want to be written out before the first book even starts.
Jax: I don’t think the book would work without me. I’m pretty sure I’m one of the main characters.
Me: You can be a bit of a brat, can’t you?
Jax: (grinning) Isn’t that part of my charm?
Darius: (groans) Can we stop the interview before he says anything else?
Me: What about the part of Androva that you don’t know?
Jax: (warily) What do you mean?
Me: There are a lot of secrets, aren’t there?
Jax: (reluctantly) Maybe.
Me: How far would you go to find out what they are?
Jax: (looks intrigued) I don’t know. You tell me. How far would I go?
Darius: (warningly) Jax…
Me: Thanks very much both of you. I’m going to have to stop the interview there because we’re out of time.

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