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The Legacy of Androva Series


This is me (probably stating the obvious). I'm the author. I've written seven books in the Legacy of Androva series. The stories are contemporary fantasy aimed at lower YA / upper MG, and I hope they can be enjoyed by adults too. I have another trilogy in progress for upper YA with two books released so far. And my current manuscript is the first story in a new series called Beyond Androva. It's set on one of the other worlds Androva discovered. The main character in Surviving Magic had a sister, and her future was left kind of open-ended. I wanted to find out where she went and what happened to her!

Ever since I was old enough to figure out there was probably no such thing as magic, I always (secretly!) hoped it was some kind of mistake. Surely it must exist somewhere? Eventually I decided it must have been lost or forgotten somehow. And that's where the idea for Stealing Magic, the first book, came from.

I live in the South of England with my husband and two daughters. When I'm not at work, or writing about magic, I also love reading and taking photos. I'm a big Shakespeare fan too.

Finally, I love hearing from readers! (Especially if you have any ideas for more bonus content 😊.) You can find me procrastinating on Twitter @alexcvick
My email is: or you can use the contact form on this blog. author page author page