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Top Twenty Tropes

I will freely admit that I’m not very good at what is called “writing to market.” I write what I enjoy. I don’t plan my books in advance and I use third person omniscient a lot of the time. However, books about magic with teenage characters are not exactly unusual, so today’s blog post is a light-hearted look at some common tropes* in YA fantasy and whether I am (inadvertently!) guilty of using any of them. This is my own top twenty list, and I don’t make any claims about its accuracy or completeness

*Trope = a recurring literary device or cliché

So that’s a “Yes” for eight out of twenty tropes, which is forty per cent. More than I expected! Would you include any of these in your top twenty? Do you seek out or avoid books based on their tropes? I hope you enjoyed today’s post and thank you very much for reading!

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