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The Guardian - A Poem ✨

As it's only a week until Spell Tracker is released, today's post is a short poem set in the world of the Light Mage Series. It's written from Luca's perspective as both a Light Mage and a guardian. You can find more information about Spell Tracker and a preview of the first eight chapters by clicking on the New series label at the top of this post.

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The Guardian

Surrender all your memories
Believe this world is real
Live your life as best you can
You made a binding deal

There’s no such thing as magic
Not here, not in this place
Lessons failed are lost forever
No spell to change your fate

Don’t count on tomorrow
Time will not wait for you
This moment might be all that’s left
To prove what you can do

And yet you are not quite alone
Although you’ll never know
I do my best to light your way
Until you’re called back home

I hope you are successful
I hope your dreams come true
Most of all I hope one day
Your magic returns to you

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