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Beyond Androva: Book Two ✨

I have an update on the new series that I'm very happy to share...

Engraved in Magic will be released this month! The second book in the Beyond Androva series has a description and a beautiful cover to go with its title 💜. 

The story begins at the exact moment Matched in Magic left off, and Art is the narrator this time. I hope you'll enjoy seeing Xytovia through his eyes and accompanying him on his next adventure with Serena. I loved getting to know Art better and giving him the chance to figure out what kind of a magician he could be.

Here's the description:

An ancient criminal. A deadly trade.
Every life has a price.

Art’s fourth day as a magician isn’t going very well. Returning to Xytovia to face the consequences of his actions was always going to be a challenge. But getting lost in an enchanted wood and accidentally opening a Dimension Cell creates a complication he and Serena didn’t expect.

Inside the cell is a seventeen-year-old prisoner who says he’s from a different Xytovia. A Xytovia before the war and before mage-sickness. He also makes an extraordinary claim about Art’s magic. One that will change Art’s life forever if it’s true.

The subsequent upheaval catches the attention of a new enemy whose interest in Art’s magic goes far beyond curiosity. While Art and Serena are distracted by their attempts to abolish Xytovia’s Bonding Spell, they don’t realise the danger. They’re up against a unique and deadly skill set, and time is running out… 

The pre-order for the eBook (25th July 2020) will be up on Amazon very soon, and I'll update this post with a link when it's available. The price will remain at £0.99/€0.99/$0.99 until the release date.

Update ☺
Amazon UK Engraved in Magic
Amazon US Engraved in Magic

Kerry at Aero Gallerie has created all the Androva covers, and I love how this new one turned out. Thank you very much for visiting my blog today, and if you decide to read Engraved in Magic, I hope you enjoy it!

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