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Reading and Writing Resolutions πŸ“šπŸ–‹

For last years words belong to last years language

And next year’s words await another voice.

And to make an end is to make a beginning.”

― T.S. Eliot


The start of a new calendar year can be a bit of a strange time. For better or worse, the previous twelve months are over, and it doesn’t matter how you feel—good or bad, nostalgic or relieved—you can’t go back. But there is so much potential too. The future never seems more accessible than in the New Year. It’s right there at your fingertips, a bit like turning the page to read the second book in a series. Maybe you have some expectations based on what came before, and maybe there are a few things that you wish would go a certain way, but really, anything could happen.


Of course, real life is a little different because the year ahead hasn’t been written yet. We can choose. And to that end, today’s blog post contains my three reading and writing resolutions for 2023.


I have to admit, I didn’t make any resolutions for 2022 because I knew that real life was probably going to get in the way (and it did). I’m sure 2023 will bring its own surprises, but hopefully I’ll still have time to discover some new stories ☺.


1️⃣ Finish writing the fourth book to complete the Beyond Androva series


I can finally stop calling Averine’s story “the fourth book” because it has a title and a tagline! The title is Bound in Magic, and the tagline is below.


Divided loyalties. Stolen magic.

Some bonds last forever.


Here’s a short extract:


I stared back at him, my throat so tight and dry that I couldn’t have said anything even if I’d wanted to. I felt about two inches tall. All day I’d been bracing myself for him to be angry about the bond, and I’d missed the point entirely.


2️⃣ Read a complete YA fantasy series from my TBR list


I haven’t finally decided yet, but I’m leaning toward choosing The Folk of the Air, by Holly Black. Everyone tells me that Jude and Cardan have the ultimate enemies to lovers arc, and I’ve seen some amazing quotes from the books that really make me want to understand the context.


“Cardan’s gaze catches mine, and I can’t help the evil smile that pulls up the corners of my mouth. His eyes are bright as coals, his hatred a living thing, shimmering in the air between us like the air above black rocks on a blazing summer day.”


“Have I told you how hideous you look tonight?” Cardan asks, leaning back in the elaborately carved chair, the warmth of his words turning the question into something like a compliment.

“No” I say, glad to be annoyed back into the present. “Tell me.”

"I can't.”


“For a moment, Cardan just stares at me with stupid, crow-black eyes. Then one corner of his mouth curls. “Oh,” he says. “You’re going to regret doing that.”


3️⃣ Start writing something new


I’m going to explore one of the other worlds discovered by Androva before the treaty. I like the idea of keeping a link to the original series, although it won’t be a spin-off in the way that Beyond Androva was. Depending on how Bound in Magic ends, I think Galen and the others deserve a little peace and quiet!


Androva opened portals to seven new worlds including ours. So far, I’ve written about Imbera (Controlling Magic and Breaking Magic) and Xytovia (Beyond Androva series). That leaves Lignora, Hiberna, Trowen, and Distorra to choose from. Maybe Terra will figure again too—it depends how the world-building goes and whether it makes sense to include a Terran character. I can’t wait to find out.


Have you made any book-related New Year’s resolutions? And if you’ve read The Folk of the Air, would you recommend it? Thank you very much for visiting my blog today, and I hope you have a brilliant 2023 πŸ’•.

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