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Ten Awesome Openers: Round Seven 🔖

“A vital part of the journey is the beginning. It is perhaps the most vital part.

― Richelle E. Goodrich

Although I'm a big fan of beautiful covers and creative titles, it's the first few lines of a new story that really draw me in. Whether it's the voice of a character I can't wait to meet, or a scene-setter that's so intriguing I just have to find out what happens next, the introduction is what convinces me to read on.

And one of the (many!) great things about Young Adult books is that there's no shortage of brilliant beginnings. Today's blog post contains another ten examples ☺. I hope you enjoy my choices, and thank you very much for visiting my blog today.

1️⃣ “Today, Ruwen would finally die for the first time

Shade's First Ruleby A.F. Kay

2️⃣ “The trees have to be tied down by sunset. When the Woodsmen come, they always try to run

3️⃣ “Magnalia House was the sort of establishment where only wealthy, talented girls mastered their passion. It wasn't designed for girls who were lacking, for girls who were illegitimate daughters, and certainly not for girls who defied kings. I, of course, happen to be all three of those things.

The Queen's Risingby Rebecca Ross

4️⃣ “Once upon a time, on the coldest night of midwinter, in the darkest heart of the forest, Death and Fortune came to a crossroads

Little Thievesby Margaret Owen

5️⃣ “When hunting for secrets and scandal during the London season, then there is really only one place to go: the opera. All those people dressed up in their finery, packed in tight, pretending to watch the drama onstage while actually watching each other? The place is a perfect hotbed for intrigue. Which is precisely why I was there

The Agency for Scandalby Laura Wood

6️⃣ “We must, by law, keep a record of the innocents we kill.

Scytheby Neal Shusterman

7️⃣ “It's impossible to ignore an alarm that's going off inside your head. Which is probably why Syntex put it there instead of on my bedside table

Mindwalkerby Kate Dylan

8️⃣ “I was not born a monster.
People forget that. The cruel ones sneer and tell me I'm demon spawn. They think the words will hurt me, but they are closer to the truth than they know. It is the kind ones who lie. 'You have a good heart, like your sister,' they say in their pitying tones. 'Deep down, you are beautifullike your sister.'
I am nothing like my sister.”

Her Radiant Curseby Elizabeth Lim

9️⃣ “Today was the day a thousand dreams would die and a single dream would be born

The Kiss of Deceptionby Mary E. Pearson

🔟 “The last person who called me by my true name was my mother, with her dying breath. When I was six years old, my hand was still small enough that hers covered it completely. She squeezed it so painfully tight that I hardly noticed anything else. So tight that I hardly noticed the silver of the knife pressing against her throat, or the fear in her eyes.
'You know who you are,' she said to me. Her voice didn't waver, even as drops of blood bloomed where the blade cut her skin. 'You are our people's only hope, Theodosia.'
And then they cut her throat and they took my name.

Ash Princessby Laura Sebastian

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