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Wishing Shelf Awards - Update 📚

I posted a month ago with the amazing news that Breaking Magic was a finalist in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards. Yesterday, I found out it's a bronze medal winner! I never thought my first time ever winning anything would be writing-related, but I'm obviously over the moon about it 😊
Books for children and teenagers are judged by eight primary and secondary schools in London. You can see the full list of winners in all categories here: Wishing Shelf 2017

They're marked according to cover, theme, style, and editing, which is the perfect excuse to mention that the beautiful cover you see on the left was made by Kerry Hynds. I can't wait to reveal what she's created for book seven in the series! And Breaking Magic was edited by Tamara Blain, whose skill never ceases to impress me. (Even while I'm tempted to hide my face with embarrassment at some of the mistakes she finds!)

To celebrate this amazing news, I have a couple of paperback copies of Breaking Magic to give away 📖. Just send me an email to [email protected] - first come, first served! I live in the UK, so please bear that in mind with regards to shipping time. (Update: Both books now claimed 😊)
Hope everyone reading this has a great weekend, and thank you for stopping by my blog!

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