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Aesthetic for new book (Beyond Androva Series) 💜

For today's blog post I've created an aesthetic to represent the world-building/story of my second work-in-progress for 2019. My imagination is a mixed-up random place most of the time, so it can be useful to visually sense check my ideas and see how/if they might come together!

I'm hoping to complete two books this year. First up will be the sequel to Spell Tracker, and the second book will be the start of something new. It's tentatively called Beyond Androva because the jumping-off point will be the choice Galen's sister makes at the end of Surviving Magic. However, the book won't be set on Androva. After what Angelus did there, Serena never goes back to her home world. She is Androvan, however, so her use of magic will obviously follow Androva's rules.

Each of the eight images in the collage is linked to an object or theme that I have in mind for the story. I'm very much enjoying the writing process because although most of the book is very different--new world, new characters, new magic, new threats!--there's also a little bit of familiarity. I hope you like the collage, and thank you very much for visiting my blog today!


Unknown said...

When is book two coming out?

Alex C Vick said...

I don't have a confirmed release date yet, but Engraved in Magic is planned for this summer--hopefully in July (as long as my writing schedule works out 🙂)

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