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Spell Mason Cover Reveal šŸŒŸ

I’m really happy to be able to announce the upcoming release of the next book šŸ˜Š.The Light Mage Series continues with Spell Mason, available from July 5th. This story is told from Devin’s POV, picking up a few months after the end of Spell Tracker.

Here’s the description:

Devin is a Light Mage on the run. When his boyfriend is accused of murder and sentenced to death, Devin manages to rescue him just in time. The two boys escape the magical dimensions for Tudor England, hoping to remain anonymous while they figure out what’s going on.

But witchcraft is a capital offense in the sixteenth century. It’s not the best place for a pair of seventeen-year-old Light Mages to hide, especially when one of them doesn’t know he’s carrying a deadly tracking spell. In order to have any chance of clearing their names, they’ll have to accept help from some unlikely sources and push the limits of their combined magical abilities.

The alleged murder could change things forever. Light Mages are the trusted protectors of the earthbound dimension. Discrediting them could turn magical society upside down. The stakes are high, and the potential prize is more than enough to turn any magician’s head.

All Devin has to do is stay alive long enough to uncover the truth…

Spell Mason, the second book in the Light Mage series, is a contemporary fantasy story with time travel, m/m romance, and no cliffhanger. Recommended for 14+

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