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Writing can be an unpredictable pastime. You never know until you sit down to type whether it's going to be a good writing day or a bad one. And if it becomes a bad one, my experience is that I never manage to turn it around. I'm better off picking up a book, going for a walk, or carrying out some research instead. However, my chances of getting things off to a positive start are much improved by writing in a place where I feel happy and surrounding myself with things that encourage me.

Today's blog post contains a few photos from my writing space. For better or worse, this where I've written each of my nine books 😊. Thank you very much for visiting my blog today, and I'll be back next week with another chapter of Spell Tracker. (Chapters one through twenty-four are already posted, and you can access them via the New series label.)

The view 🌳
I write outside occasionally, but most days I have to rely on the view of the woods from my window.

The desk 💻
I can write on the laptop, but I prefer a bigger keyboard and monitor. I have a very inquisitive cat, and I'm also a Loki fan 😏.

The accessories 📚
Books, bookmarks, and notebooks! And I have a few objects from the Androva world to help my imagination. The photos on the left are of a Portal Remedy and a Xytovian amulet (more on the amulet and Xytovia when the new Beyond Androva series kicks off later this year.)

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