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The Legacy of Androva Series

Light Mage Trilogy 🌠

Ode to Enchanted Light

Under the trees

light has dropped from the top of the sky,


like a green

latticework of branches,


on every leaf,

drifting down like clean

white sand.


A cicada sends

its sawing song

high into the empty air.


The world is

a glass overflowing

with water.

     Pablo Neruda


I have a small update about the Light Mage books, which gives me an excuse to post this beautiful poem about the magic of light. Because I already shared Spell Tracker from start to finish on this blog, I can’t put it into Kindle Unlimited the way I have with all of the Androva books, so I decided to make Spell Tracker and Spell Mason free to download in other sales channels (per the universal book links below).


Spell Tracker


Spell Mason


The final book in the trilogy, Spell Master, is likely to be the next story I write, but I’m really excited to continue the Beyond Androva series too. Perhaps I’ll swap back and forth between them so I don’t have to choose! Thank you for visiting my blog today, and I hope you liked the poem 💕.

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