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Using a Sygnus as a pumpkin template

If you are celebrating Halloween this year, I hope you have a great time!

Whenever we meet a new underage magician on Androva, I try to fit in a description of their Sygnus at some point during the book.
(For an explanation of what a Sygnus is, have a look at my blog post from 9th October.)

This one is from the fourth book, Controlling Magic, which I am writing at the moment. The character is called Valentina, and she's in her fifth and final year at the Seminary of Magic.

You might wonder what she's doing in the story, given that the main characters are only in their third year. All I can say is that she's there for a very important reason!

By the way, if I could have used magic to carve this pumpkin, I definitely would have... and it would probably have looked a lot better!

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