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The Legacy of Androva Series

A dragon that isn't a dragon?

The Legacy of Androva series is very much contemporary fantasy in a modern setting. However, I am a fan of magical creatures and accessories, and all of the incredible world building that is found in high fantasy books. Which got me to wondering, as I was writing the third book in the series, if there was a way that I could introduce a magical creature without the story turning into high fantasy.

Dragons seemed like a great place to start, simply because there is no definitive view on exactly where all the myths and legends came from. Yet, across our world, from Europe to China, stories about dragons appear throughout history. I found the idea of creating my own magical explanation quite appealing!

That's how the world of Imbera ended up with dragons. Although, without revealing too much of the story, there is more to them than meets the eye. The ruling house has this statue on its roof. It's a reminder to everyone about the power of the evil magician in charge of the Gathering. Of course, no-one really needs the reminder, but that doesn't stop my fictional villain from reinforcing his authority anyway!

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