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Interview with Shannon and Penny

This interview is set after Controlling Magic, when all four underage magicians are fifteen years old.

Me: I only want to interview Shannon and Penny today, guys…
Jax: (innocently) And? I promise to be quiet.
Shannon: (rolls eyes) Duh, she’s the author. She knows you.
Darius: Come on Jax, let’s go.
Jax: But I want to listen. I’ve changed a lot since I was last interviewed, and I need to make sure I’m not being misrepresented.
Penny: (even more innocently) Don’t you trust us, Jax? I’m quite hurt. After all I’ve done for you.
Darius: (grins) Don’t start, you two. Jax, you owe me some combat training anyway.
Jax: (sighs disappointedly) I like being interviewed, though. And I want to know what’s going to happen in the next book.
Me: Yes, but if you start asking me questions, it’s not really a character interview, is it? It’s an author interview.
Shannon: What is going to happen in the next book?
Jax: See? I’m not the only one who’s curious.
Darius: I don’t want to know.
Jax: Understandable. (grins) After all, you activated the Breaker’s spell in the last book, and caused all of our problems. Who knows what you’ll do next?
(Penny opens her mouth to defend Darius, but he doesn’t need her help)
Darius: First, it was an accident. I didn’t do it on purpose. It’s not like I said “Let’s open a portal to Terra in daylight, nothing bad will happen, I promise…” (Shannon and Penny start giggling at this very accurate impersonation of Jax) And second, you are so the opposite of quiet right now. I’m amazed our storyteller is still typing.
Jax: OK, I’m sorry. But you can’t blame me. It was nice not being the idiot who causes all the problems in the story for once.
Shannon: No, I don’t think you can take credit for every book. Let’s not forget the lovely Hesta. And I’m pretty sure the whole time travel thing was my idea.
Jax: Hmmm. You know what this means, then. It’s Penny’s turn.
(They all turn to face Penny)
Me: Excuse me. I do have some questions for Shannon and Penny, and I intend to ask them. Jax and Darius, I will allow you to stay, on the condition that you don’t say another word.
(Jax nods. Then his green eyes start glinting silver, and he gives a mischievous grin)
Me: (hastily) Or project a spell. Of any kind.
Jax: (mutters) Spoilsport.
Darius: (grins) What was that you were just saying about how much you’ve changed since the first interview?
Me: (laughs)
Shannon: Come on, guys. Don’t make us use magic to shut you up.
Jax: You could kiss me. That would shut me up.
Me: (takes a deep breath) The next book isn’t going to be about you.
(Shocked silence)
Me: If I’d known that would stop you talking, I’d have said it at the start.
Shannon: You’re being serious?
Me: Yes, mostly. You will be in it, but it’s going to be a bit different to the other books. Callax is the narrator. It’s his life, up to when he met you and for a few weeks afterwards.
Shannon: (smiles) Cal? He’s going to tell his story? That’s awesome! Can I read it?
Penny: Can I read it too? I’ve been dying to know what happened on Imbera since we left. I really want to see him again. And Benedar.
Me: I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but what you saw is less than half of it. A lot happened before that, and a lot has happened since.
Jax: What do you mean? Is he OK?
Me: I can’t answer that. It’s not fair on the readers. But I can promise you that you will find out. Soon.
Shannon: I’m really worried now. I hope nothing’s happened to him.
(Jax frowns)
Me: (pointedly) Cal does have a girlfriend, Jax.
(Shannon rolls her eyes, and Jax looks slightly sheepish)
Penny: What questions did you have for us then?
Me: I wanted to know how you feel about being a magician now you’ve had a chance to get used to it.
Penny: (grins) How long have you got? It’s like an amazing dream I never have to wake up from. There is magic inside me. It belongs to me. Sometimes it feels like electricity. Other times it feels like the sun turned silver. I can make spells out of it. I can open portals. I can do the impossible. Oh, and having a magician for a boyfriend is pretty cool.
(Darius blushes)
Me: (to Shannon) And what’s your favourite thing about being a magician?
Shannon: Apart from everything that Penny said, it’s the Comm… (she trails off, looking at Penny and Darius)
Me: It’s OK, I know the spell you mean. So will the readers, if they’ve got as far as the third book.
Darius: What spell? What is she talking about?
Me: Sorry. I can’t tell you.
(he turns to Jax)
Jax: Sorry, I can’t tell you either.
Penny: (to me) I’ll let you off if you give me and Darius a spell of our own in a future book.
Me: OK. I can probably do that. I have one more question for you though. You didn’t become a magician until later in the series. Is there anything you’re sorry to have missed?
Shannon and Penny together: Galen
Me: Galen?
Penny: Yes! I really, really wish I could have met him.
Darius: So do I.
Me: Hmmm. You’re not the first person to say they’d like to see more of Galen. But you do realise he’s two thousand years in the past, don’t you?
Jax: Even if they can’t actually meet him, you could still let him tell his story. Like Cal is doing. I mean, I like Cal and everything, but Galen’s story… I’d love to read that.
Me: I don’t know… Maybe… I’ll think about it. I interviewed Galen a while ago, and he did say something kind of shocking about his future.
Shannon: You interviewed him? When? What did he say?
Me: Sorry, we’re completely out of time. I’ll try to do another character interview again soon. Thanks everyone for reading!

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