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History (Six Disciplines)

There are six disciplines taught at the Seminary of Magic on Androva: Combat, Remedies, History, Living Magic, Physical and Manipulation. Today's post is about History.

OK, so History doesn't sound like the most exciting of subjects, does it? Too many books and not enough spells. It's true that most underage magicians find History a bit boring. There was a temporary surge of interest when the treaty between Androva and our world became common knowledge. But, aside from that, it's definitely the least popular subject.

However, there is an element of spell projection to the lessons. Androvans don't have any historic monuments or museums to visit, but they can try out the older version of the spells to get an idea of how their ancestors lived.

For example, first years at the Seminary have to use the original Cleaning Spell for three days in a row. The modern-day version is a gently spinning cloud of silver which does such a great job that Shannon hardly ever goes into her bathroom at home anymore. (Especially since Jax looked at her toothpaste and toothbrush with horror and said it must be like chewing a small mint-flavoured slug). The original Cleaning Spell was a little less gentle and a lot less effective. All of the older years at the Seminary look forward to the time when first years go through the Cleaning Spell trial. You can't pass year one unless you do it properly, but it's a long seventy-two hours. Greasy hair, clammy skin, grimy teeth, and dirty clothes. Not nice!

I quite enjoy History as a subject, especially when I get to research things like Ancient Rome for my books. If I could go back to a time in our world's history to experience it for myself, I think I would go there first. What about you? Where would you go? I hope you enjoyed today's post and thank you for reading!

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