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Character Collages

To help me get back into the zone of writing about Jax, Shannon, Darius, and Penny, I decided to create a collage of pictures for each character. My aim was to capture a little bit about who they are and what's important to them.

  • Magic is a major part of how he sees himself and the rest of the world(s)
  • His Sygnus is a seven-pointed star
  • He's a bit of a rebel
  • He lives in a house much more suited to his father's taste and personality than his own
  • His trip down the winding staircase to the Mabre House portal room when he visited our world in daylight was the beginning of the Legacy of Androva series
  • His magical connection with Shannon will be threatened in book seven

  • Becoming a magician gave her confidence she never thought herself capable of
  • She is the most powerful underage magician for several generations
  • The living magic in the woodland next to her house saved her life
  • She only had to take Portal Remedies for the first five times she travelled through a portal. She adjusted very fast
  • She is a bookworm through and through
  • Purple is her favourite colour

  • His friends are everything to him
  • His Sygnus is an arch with jagged lines through the centre of it
  • He is the voice of reason in his friendship with Jax, though he was unable to talk Jax out of that first fateful trip to our world
  • He is usually careful to follow the Code--the rules imposed by the Androvan Council
  • He invented the spells that enabled mobile phones to be used on Androva
  • His father works as a custodian in the Repository of Records

  • Her force field is not the strongest, but she is the most creative underage magician of the four
  • She is famous for her Illusion Spells, including a very life-like horse she once created with a combination of water and magical energy
  • She hated school until she started attending the Seminary of Magic
  • It took her ages before she was brave enough to open a portal on her own
  • She loves dragons
  • She has a love/hate relationship with her curly hair and straightens it most days
These were so much fun to make 😊
If you are a writer, have you ever made a collage of images to illustrate one of your characters? Did it help you with your writing? Thank you very much for reading today's post!

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