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The Legacy of Androva Series

Interview with Galen, set after Seeking Magic

Seeking Magic is the third book in the series. If you haven’t read any of the books yet, there are no spoilers, just a bit of scene setting and an introduction to his character!

Me: Thank you for talking to me today.

Galen: (raises eyebrows) I’m curious. I had not thought to speak to anyone else from Jax and Shannon’s time.

Me: Can you tell the readers a bit about yourself?

Galen: That's a very open question. How much do you want them to know? There is a lot to tell.

Me: You’re right. Not too much then. Enough so that they can picture what you’re like.

Galen: (grins) As if I were holding a looking glass up to myself? Very well. I am of age, but not by much. My hair is black. My eyes are blue, except when I am projecting my force field, and then they are more like silver. I used to work at the Foundation for Research on Androva. I like inventing new spells. Is that enough?

Me: (nods) That’s perfect. And where do you live now?

Galen: I would rather not tell you that. I am moving around a bit.

Me: But you are on Earth, I mean, Terra?

Galen: I am.

Me: Have you visited…?

Galen: Are you referring to the promise I made to Jax and Shannon? Yes, I have created the spell.

Me: What year is it on Terra now?

Galen: For me, it is the year 80.

Me: Then the events described in Stealing Magic have not happened yet?

Galen:  I can't really say. I'm sorry.

Me: Are you still a magician?

Galen: I will always be a magician.

Me: (speechless for a second) That’s not possible.

Galen: (calmly) Isn’t it?

Me: I would have said no, but I’m not sure now.

Galen: Tell me… did Jax and Shannon make it back? Time travel is never the same twice, so I can’t be sure…

Me: (looks apologetic) I can’t answer that here. It’s not fair on anyone who hasn’t read the book.

Galen: All right. Do you have any additional questions for me?

Me: Only one. Do you miss Androva?

Galen: (looks thoughtful) Sometimes. But I don’t believe in regrets.

Me: Thank you for talking to me today.

Galen: (nods politely) You’re very welcome.

You can read more about Galen's character in Seeking Magic.

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