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This is me. I’m the author (probably stating the obvious!). Welcome to my blog—a tiny corner of the internet where I write posts about books. I have a day job in an office, but when I'm not at work, most of my spare time is spent reading and writing. I live near London with my husband, two daughters, and a rather anti-social cat.

My books are upper MG / lower YA fantasy with a contemporary feel. They usually have a romantic subplot as well. I love the idea that magic exists in such a way that ordinary people (like me) aren’t aware of it, and my first book-length story, Stealing Magic, was created around that possibility. It all kind of grew from there, and seven years later, writing is a big part of my life!

I hope you find something interesting to read while you’re here, whether it be about the Androva books or something else. There are a few labels (also shown on the home page) that group together certain topics. Bonus Content, for example, brings up a collection of short stories set in the Legacy of Androva series that aren’t in the books. Writing includes posts where I might have explained some of my research or talked about how the stories come together. Magic etc. and Six Disciplines take a closer look at the world-building for Androva. Character Interviews are light-hearted imaginary conversations with the Androva characters at various points in the series. New series is basically Spell Tracker (the first book in the Light Mage Series) from start to finish. Just go to the oldest post for Chapter One and scroll up.

There’s an overview of what I’ve written so far at the end of this page along with my contact details. I have a few paperbacks available every month that I can send out on request, and I love hearing from readers. All of the bonus content I’ve written so far was from reader suggestions!

Thank you for visiting my blog and happy reading 📚☺

My email is: [email protected] or you can use the contact form on this blog.

  • The Legacy of Androva (10yrs+) is a complete seven-book series based around Jax and Shannon (and to a lesser extent, Darius and Penny). They’re teenage protagonists from different worlds who join forces in an attempt to survive magical and non-magical villains, time travel, ancient treaties, and magical curses.
  • The Light Mage Series (14yrs+) is a complete trilogy based around Luca and Devin. They’re teenagers using magic to navigate between different dimensions and timelines. Staying alive becomes increasingly difficult with each story.
  • Beyond Androva (10yrs+) is the newest series, and it’s complete at four books. It starts where Surviving Magic (book six in The Legacy of Androva) left off, but it stands alone in a different timeline. Serena and Art embark on a fast-paced magical adventure in a world that’s hiding more than one deadly secret. They’re joined in subsequent books by Kellan and Averine.

    All of the book covers, descriptions, and Amazon links are here author page author page

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