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Landmark Locations: Legacy of Androva

I wrote a blog post a couple of weeks ago about how much fun world building was, especially creating the rules of magic for a completely different world to the one we live in. As the Legacy of Androva series draws to a close, it's making me feel a little sad I won't be writing stories set on Androva anymore. That's not to say the next series won't be fun too, but I’ve spent so long thinking about Androva that I can’t help but miss it! Today's post is a look back at three of the more memorable locations in the books, using images that are close to what I imagine when I write about Androva.

Mount Sandro and Lake Semper

The lake and mountain show up in several books. Jax and Shannon fight for their lives in the depths of the mountain at the end of Stealing Magic. Androva's Spring Festival takes place at the edge of the lake in Controlling Magic and the lake itself is the location for my characters' spectacular water-based Entertainment Spell. Galen spends time here in Surviving Magic and he also makes a special trip to the waterfall to collect something. Finally, in Connecting Magic, there will be a couple of scenes set inside Angelus's old prison cell, at the base of the mountain.

Here’s an extract from Controlling Magic when Jax and Shannon visit Lake Semper. Jax knows he has to learn how to swim without using magic, and it would be an understatement to say that he’s dreading it. (There might be a bit of foreshadowing here!).

***The lake stretched in front of them, a patchwork of blues and greens, the far shore just visible in the distance. The sun was doing its best against the many white clouds, and the water sparkled in places where the sunlight reached it. Gentle waves lapped at the edge, but there was an obviously steep slope away from the shoreline as the water became deep very fast.
“Why does it bother you so much?” asked Shannon. She could feel Jax shivering next to her, and although the breeze was cold, it wasn’t that cold.
“I can’t explain it,” he replied. “It’s just the thought of not being able to breathe…” Reflexively, he took a deep breath, as if to reassure himself that he had plenty of air.
“I don’t get it. We had a major water fight in that Irrigation Spell lesson last year,” Shannon reminded him. “And you weren’t like this about it.”
“Yeah, but I wasn’t under the water. Over my head, in a puddle at my feet, down my back, that’s all fine. But surrounding me, like a liquid prison…” He shivered again.***

Assembly Rooms

The twenty elected magicians on the Androvan Council govern their world from the Assembly Rooms, alongside the many custodians who work for them. Here, in Stealing Magic, Jax faces the Spell of Removal and Shannon first reveals the extent of her power. In Capturing Magic, Jax and Shannon are supposed to report to the Assembly Rooms about an important new spell, but a kidnapper changes their plans. Revus, Karina, and Gideon hold a late night meeting here in Controlling Magic, in an attempt to understand the sinister Imberan magic activated by Darius. It's also the location for Galen's Sygnus adoption ceremony (and a lot more besides!) in Surviving Magic.

Here’s an extract from Stealing Magic when Shannon is taken to the Assembly Rooms for the first time.

***“Now,” continued Marcus, his voice taking on a rather complacent tone, “you have already heard the interrogation data of the boy, Darius, who verified that Jax did travel to Terra, alone, and returned with this Terran girl you see before you.
“Darius believes that she is a magician of some ability. I can assure you that she is not.” At this he turned to look at Shannon scornfully. Shannon gritted her teeth. 
Wait, she told herself. You can’t take on the entire Council. 
Marcus continued. “According to Darius, they then proceeded to use an Unauthorised Spell to enter the restricted section of the Repository of Records and read the treaty. Each of these offences on its own is enough to justify a severe punishment. Together, they are unforgivable.” 
He paused to make sure the Council members understood, while Shannon tried to hide her shock. Darius had told Marcus everything! How could he do that, after all he had said about friendship and being part of a team?***

Mabre House

Mabre House is where Jax lives with his father, Revus. If you look closely you can see the family Sygnus above the doorway. It's not a particularly warm and friendly house, although as the series progresses things gradually improve. In books 1-4, and also book 7, so many important scenes take place here that there are too many to list! The blue glow signifies the Protection Spell in the training room. This is where Shannon learns the Combat Spells that prove so important to Stealing Magic's story and set her on a path to becoming the most powerful underage magician in generations.

Here's an extract from Connecting Magic when Jax is confined to Mabre House as punishment for projecting an unauthorised spell. 

***His hand was extended to pick up the topmost piece of paper when Revus appeared in the doorway.
“I thought you’d left,” said Jax.
“Evidently,” replied Revus. “May I ask what you think you’re doing in my office?”
 Jax looked down at his hand, which hovered over the table, and moved it to pick up an empty glass.
“Tidying,” he said. 
“Tidying,” his father repeated. “Of course you are.”
Revus stepped forwards and waited for Jax to meet his gaze. “The price for me believing such an obvious lie is that you will separate my annual filing today. A fair trade, I think you’ll agree?”
With determination, Jax suppressed the wave of anger he was feeling. “More than fair,” he replied through gritted teeth.
By the end of the morning, Jax was barely managing to keep a lid on his temper. Filing was a mind-numbing activity at the best of times, but without any assistance from the right spells it was particularly awful.
Revus thought Jax would benefit from a reminder that being able to use magic was a privilege, and one to be respected rather than abused.
Jax thought Revus was being absurd.***

Escaping into fictional locations is one of the great things about reading fantasy books. You can visit the great plains of Rohan, or the castle overlooking the sea at Cair Paravel, or the croquet court of the Queen of Hearts, and all without leaving your sofa ☺. 
If you could open a doorway to any fictional location from your bookshelf, which one would you choose? And how long would you stay there? Thank you for reading today's post!

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